Do The Unexpected

Deliver Dynamic, Compelling Content

Late Night with Tide

Too many corporate events rely on the 3Ps - Parade of Presenters with Powerpoint. One of the easiest ways to generate greater ROI from your events is often the most overlooked: delivering dynamic, compelling presentations.

When one of the world's largest consumer products manufacturers launched a new product, they challenged their advertising agency and Multimedia By Design to Do The Unexpected. We helped bring their theme to life and engage the audience by staging the meeting as a series of television programs on the DTU (Do the Unexpected) Network. Programs included a newscast, talk show, game shows and a late night show. Professional actors engaged presenter "guests" in conversation, incorporating humor and drawing out key points. Using interactive keypads, audience members responded to questions, enabling the client to measure attendees' grasp of key content.


  • 90% attainment of key educational messages
  • Attendees demonstrated enthusiasm for the new product and the event with a standing ovation
  • Division President described the event as, "The best I've attended in 24 years"

Instead of handing out No Doz at your next event, ditch the dreaded 3Ps and hire Multimedia By Design. Your audience will thank you, and so will your presenters!