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How Do You Measure Return on Event?

Distributor Convention

One of America's leading brewing companies wanted to revitalize their annual distributor convention, making content more relevant to the audience while demonstrating measurable ROI to senior management. Conducting pre and post-event audience research helped transform their event from "speaker-driven" to "customer-responsive".

Multimedia By Design conducted pre-event research with attendees to provide a clear picture of what was necessary to build a highly relevant event for attendees and one which delivered a high Return On Event (ROE) for the company. By focusing on the essentials, the client was able to reallocate their budget to achieve the greatest impact while eliminating extraneous (and often expensive!) event elements.

Post-event research enabled the company to accurately measure the change in individual attitudes and perceptions across a range of benchmark questions to determine their success in achieving their strategic objectives and measure overall ROE.

Are your events achieving your objectives and delivering measurable ROE? Maybe it's time to call Multimedia By Design!