Speech Coaching

  • Is my speech too long?

  • Am I standing in the right place?

  • What should I do with my hands?

  • Should I use teleprompter?

The answer: It doesn't matter!

When it comes to speech coaching, one size definitely does NOT fit all. Each of us is unique. Our presentation styles should be, too.

Be Authentic

The biggest challenge we face as speakers is learning to relax so we can be ourselves. When we relax and have fun, so too does our audience. It's called establishing rapport. It's the one thing every successful speaker has in common. For many of us, learning to establish rapport means "unlearning" a lifetime of training, tips and habits.

Be Concise

How often have you left following a presentation and said, "I wish that had been longer!" There's a reason TED talks are 18 minutes in length. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address - one of the most famous speeches in American History - lasted only two minutes. The right length for any speech is exactly as long as it needs to be to achieve your objectives, and not one second more.

Be Your Best

Speechwriter, speech coach and public speaker, Martin Wilson has written hundreds of speeches, coached scores of executives and delivered countless presentations to audiences both large and small. He knows what works - and what doesn't. Drawing on his 25 years experience, he tailors his coaching to each client's particular needs, with an eye toward helping them be themselves, establish rapport with their audience, and deliver an engaging presentation that achieves their objectives.

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